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卡尼——外来的改革者? New BoE chief not a man to duck a fig

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Mark Carney, the Canadian central banker who will take charge of the Bank of England next year, is not one to shy away from a fight.
明年将担任英国央行(BOE)行长的现任加拿大央行行长马克•卡尼(Mark Carney),是一个勇于接受挑战的人。
As chairman of the Financial Stability Board, Mr Carney sparred with Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, last year over the global regulatory body’s efforts to rein in the world’s biggest banks with tougher capital and liquidity rules.
作为金融稳定委员会(Financial Stability Board)主席,去年卡尼与摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)首席执行官杰米•戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)发生争执,原因是该机构努力通过更加严格的资本和流动性规则来约束全球最大几家银行。
Mr Carney, who once played ice hockey for Harvard, not only stood firm when Mr Dimon unleashed a tirade in front of two dozen other bankers but also hit back 48 hours later with a speech that warned against “backsliding” and a pointed dig at his critics.
“If some institutions feel pressure today, it is because they have done too little for too long, rather than because they are being asked to do too much, too soon,” he said.
Governor of the Bank of Canada since 2008, Mr Carney, 47, is a prime example of a new breed of central bankers who have broad market and political experience in addition to strong credentials as economists.
Educated at Harvard and Oxford universities, Mr Carney spent 13 years at Goldman Sachs, working in London, Tokyo and New York. He also worked in the Canadian finance ministry for four years between stints at the Bank of Canada.
有着哈佛大学和牛津大学(Oxford)教育背景的卡尼在高盛(Goldman Sachs)工作了13年,在伦敦、东京、纽约都工作过。在加拿大央行任职的间隙,他还在加拿大财政部有四年的工作经历。
Since taking over the FSB, he has emphasised the importance of working with the financial services industry while making clear that he has no interest in bending to its will. Mr Carney’s speeches are notable for their open recognition of the value of market-based finance to the broader economy, even as he has promised to crack down on the risks that shadow banks pose to the financial system.
Bankers and regulators who have worked with Mr Carney say he has a strong ability to synthesise information and generally works well in groups.
“Mr Carney brings tremendous credibility in this new role and I will miss his counsel as a member of the team of government agencies in Canada that work together in support of a sound and stable financial system,” said Julie Dickson, who heads bank supervision in Canada.
加拿大最高银行业监管官员朱莉•迪克森(Julie Dickson)说:“卡尼为他的新职位带来了巨大的公信力。作为加拿大政府机构的一名成员,我将会非常怀念他提供的建议,我们曾齐心协力地维持一个健康而稳定的金融体系。”
But Mr Carney can be dismissive of his fellow regulators, including BoE staff, when he believes they are mistaken.
The Canadian central banker criticised calls by Andrew Haldane, the BoE’s director of financial stability, for a simpler system of banking regulation, telling Euromoney magazine in an interview, that previous regulations “were simple and it drove us off a cliff. Andrew Haldane’s conclusion is not supported by the proper understanding of the facts.”
英国央行金融稳定事务执行董事安德鲁•霍尔丹(Andrew Haldane)呼吁制定一个更简单的监管体系。对此卡尼提出了批评。这位加拿大央行行长在接受《欧洲货币》(Euromoney)的采访时表示,此前的监管“很简单,却让我们跌落悬崖。只要对事实有合理的理解,就会发现安德鲁•霍尔丹的结论是站不住脚的。”
Widely seen as ambitious, Mr Carney was looking for new worlds to conquer, something he alluded to in a press conference in Canada after the appointment was announced.
“I see this as a challenge,” he said. “I’m going to where the challenges are greatest.”
Mr Carney is well positioned to take charge of the BoE at a time when its responsibilities are expanding to include bank supervision and financial stability. In Canada, Mr Carney had monetary policy responsibilities and his global work has been focused on financial stability. While he did not directly regulate banks in Canada, that country is widely seen as having done a much better job than either the UK or US of reining in risky institutions before the financial crisis.
“The governor has managed the issues for which he’s been responsible very well over the course of the past five years. Canada has shone, relatively speaking, in the world,” said Jim Flaherty, Canada’s minister of finance. “I have no doubt that he will do a brilliant job in his next post”.
加拿大财长吉姆•弗莱厄蒂(Jim Flaherty)说:“过去的五年,这位央行行长在自己的职责上干得很出色。从全球来看,加拿大(央行)有着优异的表现。我相信他会在下一个职位上有出色的表现。”
As an outsider, Mr Carney may also find it easier to impose the governance changes that many BoE observers think are necessary. His presence could also ease the creation of the BoE’s new supervisory arm, the Prudential Regulation Authority, which will be made up of staff from both the BoE and the UK’s Financial Services Authority.
作为一个外来者,卡尼或许会发现,他更容易实施很多英国央行观察家认为必要的监管改革。卡尼的上任,还可能有利于英国央行新的监管部门——审慎监管局(Prudential Regulation Authority)的建立,该机构的成员将由英国央行和英国金融服务管理局(Financial Services Authority)人员共同组成。
“This is a critical time for the British, European and global economies; a decisive period for reform of the global financial system including its leading financial centre, the City of London; and a crucial point in the Bank of England’s history,” Mr. Carney said.
卡尼说:“现在是英国、欧洲和全球经济的关键时刻;是全球金融体系改革的决定性时刻,包括全球金融中心伦敦金融城(City of London);也是英国央行历史上的紧要关头。”