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中国经济放缓 茅台收益攀升 Bottoms Up, Profits Up: Moutai Def

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  Officials wring their hands about China's slowing growth. Stock analysts warn of slumping profits at listed Chinese companies. Nervous economists call for more economic stimulus.


  Times may be tough in China but not everyone shares the pain: Kweichow Moutai, the maker of the fiery liquor that looks harmless but has the kick of jet fuel, is finding plenty of reason to celebrate amid the gloom.

  中国的日子可能不好过,但痛苦并非属于每一个人:贵州茅台(Kweichow Moutai)将找到很多值得它在经济低迷之际庆祝的理由。贵州茅台生产的烈酒看似无害,后劲却不小。

  The company, which comes close to being a 'national champion' and says that its form of baijiu (or 'white alcohol') is one of the world's three most famous liquors, announced that it is raising the prices of some of its beverages by 20-30%. That launched the shares of the company's stock nearly 6% on the Shanghai stock exchange on Tuesday. Talk about elastic demand.


  Analysts who follow the stock were tipsy with delight, saying the move puts the company on track to meet its target of a 51% increase in 2012 revenue.


  'The price hike, which is in line with our expectations, will offer strong support to Moutai's full-year earnings growth,' GF Securities said, adding the higher prices could bring Kweichow Moutai additional revenue of at least 2 billion yuan ($317 million )。 The brokerage house expects Kweichow Moutai to post earnings per share of 13.34 yuan this year and 18.22 yuan next year compared to 8.44 yuan in 2011.

  广发证券(GF Securities)说,提价符合我们的预期,这将为贵州茅台全年收益增长提供强劲支撑。广发证券还说,提价将可能使贵州茅台增收至少人民币20亿元(合3.17亿美元)。该经纪商预计贵州茅台今年每股收益将为13.34元,明年将为18.22元,相比之下,2011年为8.44元。

  What is their secret?


  Taking a cue from a slogan on the company's website 'Drinking with Bosom Friends: There is Knowledge in Drinking Moutai' perhaps the secret lies in the knowledge, widely held, that this is the drink of choice for conspicuous consumption, and most conspicuously at state banquets.

  从该公司网站上的一句口号可以窥知一二──酒逢知己:畅饮茅台大有学问(Drinking with Bosom Friends: There is Knowledge in Drinking Moutai)。或许秘密就在人们中间存在的一种普遍认识:茅台酒是炫耀性消费的首选酒,公务宴请场合喝得尤其多。

  While the company offers some 'common liquor' for those with a moderate budget, it has a full lineup for the tippler with a passion and a reliable expense account. There's the Elite General and Classic Moutai Prince. And, if the aim is to impress your closest friends (or maybe bestowers of official favors), there's the Golden Luxury gift liquors. Moutai also has aged 15-year, 30-year, 50-year and 80-year offerings that pack a wallop, particularly to someone else's tab.


  Despite official pledges to remove luxury items including baijiu 岸 from state banquet tables, apparently it's tough to change old habits.


  In one of the more candid though perhaps regrettable moments for the company since the luxury ban was announced, a Moutai official was quoted by reporters as asking: 'If you don't drink Moutai (at government functions), what would you drink?'


  The same report quoted a deputy chief of Hubei province's statistics office as saying that the amount of alcohol not just Moutai of course 岸 consumed at state banquets was enough to fill Hangzhou's West Lake. While we haven't got around to measuring, we'll concede that it might be a lot.