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机器人 Imagination

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1. 机器人进入人类生活为我们提供了哪些方便或者不便;

2. 想像合理;语法正确。词数:120左右。


1. 本次写作任务要求介绍22世纪机器人给人类生活带来的变化,属于想像性的文章。想像性作文是指根据命题或题意要求,展开丰富而合理的联想,对生活材料进行再创造,来反映社会生活,表现一个鲜明主题的一类作文。这类写作要求大胆想像,使文章内容丰富、具体。想像应在事实的基础上进行,不能乱联想,要以现实和科学为依据,合理而又有创意。要注意思维的连贯性,保证文章思路流畅。首先可以设定一个想像中的场景,时间、地点或者哪个方面可以有不同于现实之处,为下文作铺垫。主体部分应该就所处的时期、地点或场景下所可能发生的事情进行合理想像,注意这种想像要结合现实,在现实的基础之上对未来可能发生的情况合理想像,不能天马行空地乱想。最后可以对想像的事物作一个评价。

2. 就本次写作任务来说,可以分为以下几部分:第一部分,设定一个特定的时空,为下文展开想像作铺垫;第二部分可以从生活的各个方面描写机器人进入我们的生活后给我们带来的方便,它们可以帮人们做很多工作,减轻人类的负担;可以做一些危险性比较高的工作,减少人类的伤亡;他们会照顾孩子,陪伴老人等。文章要注意趣味性和合理性;最后可以对机器人进入我们的生活进行评价或者以我们应该如何维持或者改变这种现状来结尾。


With science and technology having progressed, our lives will have changed greatly by 2100. For one thing, we will use robots.

Robots will certainly be important to our lives in the future. In order to keep ourselves safe, we will have them do dangerous jobs, such as fighting fires. When we’re short of time, they will help us clean our houses, cook and wash, so that we can relax or exercise instead. Furthermore, they will be able to help our children with their studies.

However, every coin has two sides. With robots widely used, many people will lose their jobs. Worse still, the robots can be harmful if they are used to break the laws.In short, robots will be very useful, but we’ll need to be careful with them.



I live in 2100, and our lives have changed greatly since we use robots.

We use robots widely to do dangerous jobs. They work as firefighters, miners, policemen and so on, preventing many accidents from happening, and saving many lives indirectly. They help housewives with their heavy housework by cleaning, cooking and washing. Also they tell stories to put children to bed and take care of elderly people, keeping them from feeling lonely. Many hospitals use robots to help doctors check on and take care of their patients. They help clean the streets on hot summer and cold winter days, and even contribute to environmental protection.

Of course there’s still a lot to be done to make robots even more powerful and effective.


Powerful Sentences:

1. With robots, we’re freed from a lot of tiring work, and have time to enjoy ourselves.

2. They put many people out of danger by doing dangerous jobs themselves.

3. I live in 2100, and our lives have changed incredibly.


My childhood dream has now come true. I’ve become a superman.

Protecting the earth and people is my duty. Where there are fires, I fly immediately to control them. I fight against the people who want to destroy our planet. When wicked robots want to destroy the earth, I drive them away. Earth’s resources are poor now, but I can bring them from other planets to meet our needs. However, I have trouble with white pollution. As we all know, plastic bags need hundreds of years to break down. This is a problem that can only be solved by people coming together to decide what to do.

Becoming a superman has changed my life, and I will be here forever to help the people.