《Tomorrow and Today | 错过今天的人 也注定会错过明天》必读英语美文

Tomorrow and Today


An ancient man with white beard was walking over the hills and valleys of the world. On his back he carried a bag that moved uneasily as if something was trying to escape from it, but he settled it between his shoulders and walked on.


He was Father Time, traveling forever, and the bag he packed was filled with Tomorrows, all trying to get out.

《Tomorrow and Today | 错过今天的人 也注定会错过明天》必读英语美文
《Tomorrow and Today | 错过今天的人 也注定会错过明天》必读英语美文


Each night at twelve o’clock, he opened the bag and flew a Tomorrow, just one, with its wings of blue, and its shining feathers rose with hope. All the rest were kept back by time’s strong hands and pushed deep in the bag.


Down flew the Tomorrow, beating its lovely feathers, but as it touched the earth, off fell its blue wings and it changed to an ordinary white bird that couldn’t fly. It had become a Today. Everyone knows that Today isn’t as wonderful as Tomorrow, for Today can be held in one’s hands, accepted, unloved, but Tomorrow is full of mystery and beauty. It is desired by the entire world. Even those with little hope sigh, “Tomorrow may bring a change. Tomorrow’s life will be different.”


Everybody tried to catch the Tomorrow before it fell to the ground. They thought if they knew ahead what the Tomorrow carries, they could prepare for it. So they put great nets on the trees, seeking to catch one before it changed his feather. Yet although they tried every means, the birds escaped and flew to the ground as Todays.